2019’s most popular posts

As 2019 has drawn to a close, it is interesting to see what people have most enjoyed on the blog over the year. I am in a unique position of blogging about both Australia and the UK, so there is a mixed bag from both countries!

Melbourne 100% gluten freeNo. 1 – Melbourne 100% gluten free

Nearly 9,000 views over 2019 – certainly shows there is demand for safe gluten free places to eat!




No 2 – Central Melbourne Top 10







No 3 – M&S Food, United Kingdom


Their range continues to increase, with pastries and ready meals being very popular.





London 100% gluten freeNo 4  100% gluten free London listing.








No 5 – Melbourne fish & chips


Who doesn’t love fish & chips?!





No 6 – UK 100% gluten free






Mornington Peninsula gluten freeNo 7 – Mornington Peninsula 100% gluten free (Victoria)





No 8 – Restaurant lists page, where the London 100% gluten free PDF was the most popular download


No 9 – Camden Market, London








No 10 – Rome gluten free






Thanks for following The Coeliac Plate and hopefully you’ll enjoy the new content coming in 2020!



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2019’s most popular posts