J&T Express Workers Strike By Throwing Packages; Company Apologises

Online shopping has become a necessity in our daily lives. As such, many now rely on couriers to send their items to their doorstep. However, this also means that when the workers go on strike, a lot of people are bound to be affected.

A video of J&T Express workers recently went viral, attracting the attention of many netizens. In the video, the workers were screaming obscenities while flinging packages which were piled in heaps.

Previously, J&T Express became a topic of interest as their pay by commission was scrutinised by the public. This time, the strike was apparently over the bonus payment scheme. J&T Express released a press statement after the incident in which they apologised for their workers. They clarified that it was due to a misunderstanding on the workers’ part. They also firmly stated in the release that they do not deduct wages.

In addition to that, J&T Express took the opportunity to address another issue. Many customers had sent in complaints that food and drinks were being stolen from their packages. They explained that temporary workers had been hired to deal with the influx of packages. J&T Express took responsibility for the lack of training provided and promised to resolve the matter. They also posted a video of the workers involved in the strike apologising to the public.

However, netizens are still displeased. Many opined that the workers should have made complaints to relevant authorities. Some stated they should not have involved the packages as the customers would be the ones suffering, not the company.

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There were also demands for the upper management to apologise, not just the workers. Some commented that the apology was forced by the management.

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While the customers have expressed understanding towards the workers’ situation, they are frustrated as it seems this has been going on for a while. Not only have they received broken items or had their things blatantly stolen, packages also have a tendency to arrive late or go missing completely.

One Twitter user summarised what many are thinking.

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Hopefully J&T Express can resolve their numerous issues before they lose their customers completely.

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J&T Express Workers Strike By Throwing Packages; Company Apologises